Monday, November 13, 2006

Where is the Rubicon? and Have You Crossed It?

Today, I commented to a friend that 'we have both crossed the Rubicon'. That went over well. So, I need to discover, and explain.... Where is the Rubicon? and, Have you crossed it?

Thank you Wikipedia, for a nice, concise explanation....

The Rubicon (Rubic┼Ź, Italian: Rubicone) is an ancient Latin name for a small river in northern Italy. In Roman times it flowed into the Adriatic Sea between Ariminum (Rimini) and Caesena (Cesena). The actual modern identity of the river is uncertain; it is usually identified as the Pisciatello in its upper reaches and then the Fiumicino to the sea. "Crossing the Rubicon" is a popular idiom meaning to go past a point of no return because it was an ancient boundary between Gaul and Italy. Julius Caesar crossed the river in 49 BC deliberately as an act of war where he is supposed to have said that "the die is cast" and where he would eventually come to power.

The crossing of this small stream in northern Italy became one of ancient history's most pivotal events. From it sprang the Roman Empire and the genesis of modern European culture.

And yes. I have crossed the Rubicon. As Caesar would say "the die is cast"!

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