Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Walking the Labyrinth of Life

The Labyrinth is a metaphor for life.

I walked the labyrinth in Concord slowly this evening. When I began, I could see the center (the goal?) not far ahead. The path led left and curved round, and twisted back and after walking about 50 yards, I had progressed the four feet to the center!

Isn't life just like that? You're right next to some objective, and you start working on it, and then the path curves round and miles later, or days later, you seem so close again. Then, there is a sharp curve and miles later, you reach the goal.

The main thing is to enjoy the walk. Slow down. See the path, and what it brings to you. You could just clomp over the brick barrier, straight to the center, but what fun would that be? You would have missed the WHOLE labyrinth!

Is the winner the one who gets there first? Or is the winner the one who gets there calmest? Or is the winner the one who enjoys the walk?

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