Monday, November 06, 2006

If a blogger blogs and nobody reads it, does it mean anything?

There is the age old question about a tree falling in a forest with nobody there to hear it. Does it make a sound? And why does anybody care? Don't they know there are wars, famine, hungry people, and people without socks in the world?


As a blogger, I now have a parallel concern about the universe... If I blog, and nobody reads it, does it mean anything?

And, we can enjoy the equally profound... Why would anybody care?

As Shakespeare would say "To blog, or not to blog, THAT is the question!" (He never did use enough emphasis!!?!) Why do bloggers blog? Why am I blogging? I know that NOBODY is reading this stuff. Almost nobody even knows it's there, and those precious few who do, are very busy, and are reading profound philosophical treatises, or cookbooks.

So why do I bother? It's like Mt. Everest. I blog because it's there. It drains these juicy verbal snatches out of my mind, and leaves my mind cleansed, pure, refreshed like after a torrential rain on a Hawaiian beach. I blog to be creative, and anonymous, and profound, and inspiring. Because I amuse myself with words and wit, and don't have enough live audiences to amuse...

Or as Renee Decartes would say "I blog. Therefore I am."

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