Saturday, November 11, 2006

Today's Empowering Thought

"Objects we ardently pursue bring little happiness when
gained; most of our pleasures come from unexpected sources."
      --Herbert Spencer
Your moods are primarily the result of what you focus on.
-- Today I'm focusing on what's good
-- I transcend problems
-- I am solution oriented now
-- I'm helping other people feel good about themselves today
-- I allow myself to feel unbounded joy now
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
You may be wondering.... "What's with all these quotes and affirmations?" "Where are they coming from?" "Why is she blogging them?"
Well, they are brain food. Whole-grain, no trans-fats, brain food. They are encouragement and we all need it. Think about the junk food you've been feeding your brain lately. I don't want to honor those negative thoughts by writing them down, but I'm sure you've had one. And I've had quite a few.
The mind gets so busy interpreting things, and if it's in a mood, it can take everything as a slam. Combine this with our educational system which teaches you from a very early age to 'find what's wrong with this picture'.... At an older age 'find what's wrong with this product'... And (God Forbid) 'find what's wrong with this person/relationship/situation/job'.
If we spent half as much energy finding what's RIGHT, with ANYTHING, we would be in such a different place. I am convinced the world would change.
Let's change the world. OK? Just for today... see the light, notice what's great, appreciate what's working. Try it. If you feel better, do it again. If not, leave a comment because I want to know if this works, and I NEED DATA! (My own limited experience is pretty promising.)
[This stuff is coming from, a motivational site I stumbled upon when researching affirmations in order to avoid actually WRITING them. I signed up for the daily email. A bit verbose and not as interesting as what I write, but still, something positive in my inbox, and daily reminders that I CAN retrain my mind to create more happiness, and less suffering. so far, it's working great!]

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