Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Glurg in the Forest

Glurg was confused. This was a new kind of forest. There were no coconut trees. No coconuts. No coconut Princess. He wandered aimlessly. Then, having recently read Siddhartha, he sat down near a river. He spent a lot of time sitting there and thinking, with no plot development whatsoever. He felt a little blue, kind of hungry, and a little lonely, and thinking maybe those coconuts were pretty good after all.

Then, plunk, something fell down and hit him on the noggin! "What strange gift is this from the Forest God?" The river said "OM", and was the same everywhere, yet never the same. Glurg spent some time pondering that while tossing this gift back and forth from hand to hand.

He had never seen such a thing, and thought perhaps it was useful for some type of athletic competition. But he did not have any team-mates, nor a rival team, so he just chomped into it, and was instantly covered with lucious, juicy, pulpy mess.

The taste. It was exquisite. It was sweet, juicy, lucious, and delicious. Better than anything he had ever eaten before. He devoured it, and stepped into the river to rinse the stickiness off his hands and face. The river continued to mumble "Om".

Glurg looked up. OMG, these treats were dangling everywhere! He was in the Incredible Mango Forest! Glurg did not want to be a glutton, but he loved those mangoes and ate two more. Then, he stepped into the river, and noticed that it wasn't the same river he had stepped in earlier.

Glurg sat on a stone and thought about that for quite a while.

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Sandy said...

one time i had a mango
i was waiting to eat it until i had the perfect delicous greek yogurt
and then i got the yogurt, and i was so excited, and i cut open the mango and it was bad.