Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Glurg's Big Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a hermit named Glurg. Glurg was on an island, and life wasn't too good. It wasn't too bad either, but Glurg just wasn't too happy. There were coconuts, (lots of coconuts) but nothing else to eat, and Glurg really wanted to get off that island. Glurg wanted to fly a kite, and jump on a trampoline, and make a stir fry. Glurg was sick of coconut.

One day, an amazing miracle (the best kind of all) occurred! Glurg was walking through the coconut forest, when, what to his wondering eyes should appear? A miniature sleigh? Eight tiny reindeer? NO.... A bridge.

Glurg saw a bridge that touched the island and reached out over the sea. A bridge. Oh my goodness, Glurg was beyond happy. He jumped right on that bridge. He loved that bridge. He hugged that bridge. He had thought he would never see a bridge, and he would NEVER get off that island, and all he would ever have for the rest of his life was coconuts. A bridge. Glurg hopped, and skipped, and jumped on the bridge... singing The Rainbow Song, because that's the only song he knew.

Glurg was happier than he had been in years. He sat on the bridge, climbed on the bridge, ran back and forth across the bridge. He even did cartwheels, which he thought he couldn't do anymore! He could just stay on the bridge FOREVER... that's how happy he was.

But there was no food on the bridge.

Glurg was getting a smidgeon hungry. He thought there might be a world with something other than coconuts, but he didn't know for sure, because he had never seen anything else. And he didn't even know where that bridge went. It was feeling a little scary.

The island was familiar, after all. Coconuts are kind of tasty. You can make almond joy ice cream, or coconut ambrosia with them. Maybe that wasn't so bad. Who knows... the bridge might just lead to a SWAMP, with nothing, not even coconuts. Boy, if it did, he would sure wish he was back on the island with the coconut trees! THEN, he would be sorry.

Glurg nearly turned back, when the next amazing miracle happened! Glurg had a dream. He dreamed of enchanted broccoli forests, and friendly folk who shared their trampolines, and a circus. Glurg had a burst of courage, and RAN across the bridge, even though he couldn't see the end. He ran because he didn't want to go back to the island, but he was a little scared, and he had to cross before he lost his courage. He chose the adventure, the unknown, the opportunity.

And, Glurg kept running across the bridge, over beautiful glistening water. Sunny and full of jumping fish and diving birds. Glurg ran through the wind and enjoyed getting his hair blown all over the place. Glurg got to the end of the bridge.

He didn't want to get off the bridge.

It had been so nice. So beautiful. So happy. The shining water, the diving birds, the cartwheels. He didn't want to leave all of that.

But he did. He jumped off the bridge. He felt SO sad because he loved that bridge. But he had to get on the land. And he did. As he looked back at the bridge, he felt so sad. It had been a beautiful time on the bridge. He would miss that glistening sea and salty breeze. He walked into the forest, and began a new life.

So, dear reader, please use the comment feature to answer any and/or all of the following questions.

a) Is this an allegory, metaphor, analogy, simile, onomotopoeia, fable, tale, or the true recitation of actual historical facts as channeled through this humble author?

b) What happens to Glurg in the forest?

c) Has Glurg crossed the Rubicon?

d) Do you have any advice for Glurg?

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Sandy said...

don't eat earwax. blech.
don't set your baby down on top of the radiator. ai chihuahua.
don't come home late with billy's sub. he may never let you lithp again.