Friday, December 15, 2006

Reflections of Glurg

Glurg sat peacefully, listening to the all-encompassing OM of the river. Glurg reminisced. Glurg thought back to a very happy time, a time of delight, and pleasure, and intimacy, and sunshine. Glurg felt warm. Glurg wondered... "Why am I reminiscing on this memory?" ... Glurg became aware that he was reflecting on his reminiscing, and what an amazing entity the 'mind' is. .. He then observed that he was analyzing the reflection about his reminiscing, and thought he would lose his mind if he went any further down this strand of consciousness.

So, he returned to his pleasant memory. "Why is it important? Am I grasping a past that is over? What is the point of this past memory in the present NOW?" Glurg paused. He went back to that time, to see what it had to teach him.

Glurg realized that, in that happy time, he had met someone special... someone who could see the light and power inside him. Poor Glurg had been rather fatigued, in a deep cloud, and had lost sight of the light. In fact, Glurg had thought the light was burned out (it happens with age). But in that magical time, Glurg met a Goddess of Light who saw the light inside him, and reflected it back to him, and somehow, enabled Glurg to see that light in himself again. By this reflection, and new self-awareness, Glurg was transformed.

Reflecting back, Glurg was not clinging onto this moment. Glurg was re-learning, and honoring both himself, and his inspiration. Glurg hoped inside that, someday, he would be able to reflect the inner light to another being who had fallen into a cloud. Glurg was aware of how tenuous our sense of 'reality' is... how it can be muddled by cloudy thinking, unsupportive environment, any number of put-downs that make us believe we are incapable of various forms of greatness, or connection, or relationship.

Glurg held warm memories of the Goddess of Light. That Goddess brought new life into so many beings, every day. Glurg thanked his lucky stars that the Goddess had noticed him, had reflected his inner power, had allowed him to wake up, had given the gift of transformation.

Glurg listened to the murmur of OM from the river, and got up from his resting spot. Glurg walked down the forest path, knowing that he too was a Light Being, and could bring light to others he would meet along his path.

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