Monday, December 25, 2006

Glurg in the Coconut Storm

Glurg walked innocently through the forest, noticing the feathery light filtering through the treetops. Ah, glorious light! He continued pondering, as he always does, while noticing mindfully the nuances of forest smells and sounds.

Glurg thought back to the distant past on the Coconut Island with Princess Coconut. Suddenly, a coconut fell from the sky and clonked him on the head! "How odd!", thought Glurg, noticing that he was walking through a mango forest, and there were no coconut trees to be found. Perhaps a crazy monkey threw one down. Glurg walked on.

Again, he thought wistfully of Princess Coconut. Instantly, he was pelted by TWO coconuts. Fearing a concussion, Glurg looked for shelter. Perhaps this was a magical revenge of Princess Coconut, angry with Glurg for leaving the island. Glurg continued walking, looking for a cave or other shelter. He wondered about the Princess, and her world, and again... coconuts fell from the sky in abundance, all smacking Glurg on the head. He ran and cried out "No more coconuts! Please! No more coconuts!"

He saw a rocky overhang, and crawled under there for shelter. He sat quietly, silencing the monkey in his mind, bringing his awareness to the numerous lumps on his head. With a peaceful equanimity, Glurg resolved not to think of Princess Coconut again, for each thought created pain and discomfort for him.

The river, now in the distance, continued to sing out "OM". Glurg smiled a friendly smile.

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