Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today's Walk

On November 1, I made a deal with myself. I agreed to walk half an hour every day for the month of November. Thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could sustain the discipline of a small commitment for a short time.

So far, pretty good. There were a couple of days I didn't get out, a couple of days I walked extra, and a few days I went to the gym. Definitely progress. So much for the report card.

The gift here is a bit of discipline, and some moments of observation. When walking on the bike path, I can notice things, the changes. I am pretty isolated from the seasons in my windowless office and TV chair. On the path, I saw the golden leaves, almost luminescent with the sunlight shining through them. Then, another day, the tall ornamental grass (is it wheat? do we care?) backlit by the sun was pretty stunning.

Today, the milkweed pod. As usual, a metaphor for life.

Bursting, and releasing all those winged seeds. Some just fall down. some lost their little seed, and defy gravity (sing along here if you like!), some are tangled up and stuck in there. And some just drift off and settle down, get covered by leaves and debris and grow into a new milkweed next year.

So. Isn't that just like life? When you're dry and wrinkled and kind of falling apart, this new generation of life just explodes into the scene in a kind of amazing way.

Yeah. Look around. It's probably beautiful.

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Lee said...

Love this Sue. After a week of knowing that Mike's father was dying far away from his children and then his dying and then the dealing with that, I received an email at work from the programmer who supports my job, telling me that he was back from his vacation which was taken to assist with the birth and caring of his newborn teeny beautiful daughter. He sent a picture and it lit my day. Where there is life, there is hope as my father said so often. He was onto something.